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Dear BEST summercourse participants

I have to admit a mistake...

Somehow us, the organisers, did not get any of your so far written mails to 
the list.

I have been able to see that you have sent mails (as good participants 
should do :-) because one of the addresses was invalid and as an 
administrator of the list, I have some priviliges... For example I get all 
the mails you send that are larger than 1 000 kilobytes or with more than 
4000 characters or if your mailaddress is not valid anymore.

Now the list is in order again and we organisers are on the list and would 
be very happy if you could resend your mails please. Especially if you had 
questions, because we have no possibility to answer them otherwise.

I hope the sun is shining on you beautiful people!


phone: +46 8 541 366 20
mobile: +46 708 159 487
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