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Tack så mycket!

Dear summercourse participants,

You have just completed our summercourse and I must say that you were a 
wonderful group of students!

I hope you will remember KTH, Leif Swanblom, Gustaf af Klint, E2, Parties, 
Potatosallad, Barbecue, the cold and the rain but also the sunshine, Osqvik 
(the sauna in the Baltic Sea), Uppsala, Busrides through Sweden, always 
being on time trying to fit in as much as possible in each day, Staying in 
huts in the forests, Staying in my relatives' house on the west coast, 
Visiting Stora Enso's factories, the Wood pecker man (Ingvar), the 
Trestickla National park, Picking mushrooms, Marine Biological research 
center and all the fun we had together.

Please, feel free to contact us whenever you come back so that we can meet 
again and have more fun. Personally I intend to go interrailing around 
Europe next summer so I will try to visit as many of you as possible.

Now we have to sum up the course and write some reports. We will publish one 
of your reports in the Student Magazine (Osqledaren) if possible we will 
send you a copy of the magazine as well. Then we have to send thankyous to 
Stora Enso and the other sponsors. In October we will meet Frederick again 
in Lund and then we will give him the book you wrote for him.

You just have to do one more thing and that is to evaluate on the internet 
what you thought about the course. You go to www.best.eu.org/vivaldi tick in 
your code and then give us your opinions. If you don't evaluate you will 
don't get the deposit back from your LBG.

I will certainly see you somewhere in Europe!
With lots of love

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