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The same but for everybody

Some days ago I sent to the organicers this mail but now I realize that 
there was some missunderstandings...So that I have decided send it 
again but changing some things, because it was a mess...
As you Know, Iīve enjoyed this course a lot. Iīm not going to speak 
about the course because you know that for a forestry student the topic 
was great and the papermill, natural parks, harvesters, mushrooms, 
lingon berry...
Iīm going to speak about people, the other part of the course and the 
part that you cannot change. Itīs my opinion and maybe a special 
personal opinion but maybe itīs funny for you hear from me. 

Ana Häkansson: A special sense of humour,very ironic but when you cough 
the jokes really funny.

Anna Edebo: It was difficult changed her mind about spanish people but 
finally we managed it. She was the spaniards angel-keeper,tack sa 
mycket, really nice you, your boyfriend a bit shy but wonderful, your 
parents I cannot express the great they are but I know that you can 

Asa: Many thing to say tack, the washing machine...

Mattias: At first sight heīs cool and shy but when he is a bit drunk he 
speaks a lot, make jokes and heīs the king of the party.

Anna-Karin& Gianni: A great couple
Gianni: The LEADER. I know that you were trying to call me but my 
movile was broken. Here it works good so that maybe it cought a flu or 

Jonas: I cannot forget you because of Aurelianīs photo. My spanish 
friends make too many jokes because for spaniards itīs a topic that 
swedish girls and boys are the most beatiful in Europe. They donīt 
belive me when I say that we are inocents, that we were only speaking. 
They make jokes and laugh at me.

Jesper & Jesper: The ame name but completly different. The "small" 
Jesper introduced me that sticky boy who was completly drunk in the 
basementīs party and everygirl can remenber and Aurelian Knows.

Anders: The only one who read my postcard and I didnīt Know that he 
could understand spanish. You Know my real feelings wrote in the 
postcard but donīt worry I didnīt mind it.

Aurelian: The amusing Rumanian boy. I enjoyed a lot dancing, talking to 
you. I really missed you making jokes about my english. Really nice.

Frederick: The singer, Jonnyīs mind. thank you for the photos
Allan: Thank you for waking us up and for the mails.

Klemen& Marjana: Okeyyyyyyy& Slovenian water
Roland: Very very kind. It was a pleasure work with you
Florin: A good rumanian forester.
Zita & Sofia: Our room was a mess!!!
Antonios: So big, so good..
Jean-Phillip: I want to try these crepes that dissapeared in the 
international party 
Csilla: Soon is your birthday so Happy birthday!
Joao: Philosopher, serious, the culture and history of Portugal, my 
neighbour, I want to visit Lisboa...
Raquel: Really nice, beautiful voice.
Ania: The language of signs. The smiling face
Ester: Cheerful. A big luggage...
Rodrigo& David: I spend with their 8 hours a day, 4 days a week, 4 
weeks a month...too many time.
Ana & Pablo: My never alone guide. They can remind me the sound of 
spanish language.
Andrea & Mia. The first who use the mailing list.
Cucumber on the water, potatoes salad and meat balls: I cannot remenber 
if you are participants or organicers...?
Thank you for all

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