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miss you all

Hello everybody!

Aurelian told me yesterday about this mailing list and I realised that I
thought of you quite many times since the end of the SC. Browsing the
messages made me think of you even more :)

Well, I hope I didn't annoy you too much exercising my uneducated voice
and  I'll be happy to meet you again, during some funny travelling or as
settlers in some European city.

Take good care of our forests, PHs, whales, girls, boys, (foot-)balls
and othe sports, saunas, medresses, sleeping-bags, slivovitza
(surprising water appearance after football), palinka, tetrapack wine,
pseudo-beer, saussages, potatoes, real beer, sangria, moskitos, shrinks
(do you wear a green t-shirt?), harvesters, forwarders (don't they have
defenders too?), pini (that's supposed to be the plural of "pinus",
co***ta and other kinds), endless pulp striving to become cardboard,
horiatiki, cevapcici, gombots, songbooks, "baillando la rumba, toda la
noche" (over and over again), eurovision, ever-beatiful fado, gipsy, "de
puta madre", "fa-mi la pompa", no-no-no... (sorry I need to get back to
work, I could continue all day :)

A big hand to the organisers, the course idea was great and I think
people have learned a lot, besides having fun and seeing a lot of
Sweden. Even me, a free-rider para-participant, I finally understood how
paper is made! 

Good luck to you all, enjoy Europe! (I know one of the most exciting
ways to do so: BEST)

Hugs & kisses,


ps. I hope Johnny will not be too harsh on you during evaluation 
ps2. I am aware of my ignorance in spelling, especially in non-English
spelling, but you get the idea :)