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  Hi people!
  I'm very lazy. I admit it. Sorry because of it!
  I wanted a long time ago to thank you for the
greetings for my birthday but Raquel's postcard
remembered me it. I've got it with a delay of a month
because it was in Bucharest first (she sent it to me
in time! Thank you again Raquel!).
  I hope everybody is O.K.. 
  Like many of you I started the school and I'll have
my final thesis from legislation.
  Gianni, congratulations for the job!
  Zita, fel a fejjel, gondolunk rad!
  By the way, what are doing my roommates from the
boat? And what are doing the members of my group from
the school? (I like when my "postbox" is full of
  I hope that I'll see you again soon.

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