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Bonjour à tous

Hello everybody

Tonight I am on holiday, no more lessons no more
homework and no more early wake up : that's a good
However I will be busy this week, I have to send CV
and application form in order get a work experience
for this summer.  It's seems amazing to begin to
search now, but it's a must if I want to obtain a good
I would like to work 
1/near the sea side (in order to go to the beach on
the week end)
2/in a big and famous firm 
3/on an interessant subject
4/ and obviously to get a lot of money
I hope I will find a lot of informations and adresses
in order to sent as much letter as possible.

But first of all, I will spend this week end in Paris
for the ENSAM Students Meeting. My engineering school
(ENSAM:Ecole National Supérieure d'Arts et Métiers)is
dispatched all over the France (7 Centers and 1 in
Paris) and we will gathered in order to speak about
the associations and the activities that the students
are organizing (For example the skiing trip in the
Alpes, or the crusade) Of course there will be 2 big
parties, tonight,and tomorrow. So I have to go to bed
to prepare these parties.

See you soon,
Jean Philippe

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