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Iīve changed my mail

Hi everybody:
Iīve changed my mail adress because the other account was terrible slow and Iīve got some problems with it.
Ana Edebo: Please add my new adress to the mailing list and tell me when you do it, Tack.
Speaking about other things...
Iīve not written to the mailing list since my classes started but I donīt do it because I havenīt done any interesting thing since that date.I havenīt recieved any visit from best foreign people like Greek people had, I havenīt travelled around Europe like Jean Philippe and Marjana and eventhough I havenīt travelled around Spain during this month... Maybe Iīll go to a trip between 9-12 November to a natural park on the southwest part of Spain. The idea of this trip is to look at birds (eagles, vultures.. and other species who comes from the northerm countries to spend the winter in a warmest place), spend a good time with my friends from the university and know how foresters manage this protected area... There is an environmental problem with this area because in the earlier fifties somoene reforested it with Eucaliptus! (our favorite discussion topic!). Eucaliptus have grown a lot and have occupied some areas that should belong to mediterranean forest (green oaks (like cork oak), aromatic plants...etc). The worse thing is that the fire destroyed both types of vegetation ten years ago and now there is an afforestation project. Iīll tell you more when I come back because itīs probable that some forestry engineer explain to us what happened and what are they doing now.     
This week some people from different LBG have come to Madrid for a working week. They came on Tuesday and have returned on Saturday. Best Madrid tell us that they have prepared a city rally and a final party on Friday and we are all invited if we want to help them. I couldnīt go because that night a had a birthday party, but Rodrigo and David went, Iīm sure that they tell you more about it, even I want to know because I havenīt spoke with them about it.
Iīll hope to hear from anyone of you soon, I like when I see "best mails" in my account...
Besos desde Espaņa