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Results of evaluation

It is dark and raining in Stockholm,
Fall i s definitely here, 
Tomorrow Anna-Karin goes to Budapest to participate as the LBG 
Stockholm delegate during the Presidents' meeting.
We have to hand in the report of the evaluations from the Summer 
course. Me and Anna-Karin have tried to be as fair as possible.
This is our report.
I thought that maybe you would enjoy reading it.
If you do, would you like to give me some comments if there are 
mistakes in it. Even if it is too late for PM, we can still correct it for 
the future BEST of BEST Stockholm.
Together with this document we will present the document that Allan 
put together from the evaluation in Laxsjoen (when we met Stora 
Enso, first time remember?).

I hope you all are enjoying the fall as much as you can.
Our BEST group is growing in numbers. We now have some new 
exchange students in the group that are are working for Minerva, 
the student CV-database. Plans about a cultural exchange are also 
coming up. Next summer course is under development, topics have 
been telecommunication, steel-industry, bio-technology, technical 
English and many more, but we have not made any decisions yet.

Personally, I feel very good in my new home. Today I am going to 
pick up some new furniture from a friend of my Mom's. Last week- 
end, Emil and I had our friends over for a housewarming party. 
Almost the whole BEST-group was there which made me feel very 

Today's advice: "Enjoy the sunshine wherever you find it"


Yesterday is History, 
Tomorrow is a Mystery and 
Today is a gift: 
that's why we call it 
"The Present"
Anna Edebo
Bäckgårdsvägen 36 4tr
143 42 Vårby

08-612 53 07
0708-15 94 87