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A Greeting Card For You!

There is a Greeting Card waiting for you !
It's from Zita at (sznzita@hotmail.com).

To see your card try one of these ways

click on the link below


or copy and paste the entire line into your browser's window

for AOL Users and for those who could not click on the above link, click below

<A HREF="http://www.ohmygoodness.com/cgi-bin/g-card.pl?001219BESZJTKASAT1">http://www.ohmygoodness.com/cgi-bin/g-card.pl?001219BESZJTKASAT1 </A>

If you can't retrieve your card by clicking, go to our "View Your Card" page at
and enter your key card code in the pickup window.
Your key card code is: 001219BESZJTKASAT1

Cards will be available for 2 weeks only. If you haven't picked up your card by then,
or if you need assistance, write to biagio@ohmygoodness.com and include the keycode in the subject.

Thank you,
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