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Hello friends, I hope you all have had a wonderful Christmas. I have enjoyed, but I also have lots of work to do. Here, in Madrid we can see no snow, but rain and clouds all day. What about you?

Well, I have good news, at last I have internet at home, great!, so now I’ll be able to read your e-mails. Thank you very much for your Xmas’ postcards Csilla, Marjana, Asa...

In Spain, Xmas are not over yet, we still are waiting for the Three Wise Men visit. They are an important part of our culture. Nowadays, the Xmas presents are brought by Santa Claus (dec 25th) and by the Wise Men (jan 6th). But in the past, only few years ago, Santa Claus didn't exist for us, we only had the Wise Men, and they are still much more popular than Santa Claus.

I wish you have a wonderful new year. You just have to wish for it and you will get it, sure. I would like to say "see you soon", but may be we won't meet soon, but some day, who knows? this year I may see you somewhere around Europe, or perhaps some of you are coming to Madrid. Anyway, what I mean is that I miss you.

Good Bye and have a HAPPY NEW YEAR