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Especially To Pablo

Hi everyone!
I hope you are enjoying yourselves wherever you are! I am still studying, having an exam next thursday.
Is there anyone who can help Frano here?
He needs to contact Pablo and it seems like he tried lots of ways.
Pablo, why don't you answer him?
The address is in the cc-field
Now I am on my way out for a beer or two :-)

BEST Stockholm
100 44 Stockholm

Phone & Fax: +46(0)8-790 98 68

Our office is situated at Drottning Kristinas vaeg 15, on the second floor in the
administarative part of the student union building (Kaarhuset), above 
We share our office with IAESTE and International Student Services.

-----Ursprungligt meddelande-----
Fr}n:	Frano Zaja [SMTP:spdfreak@fly.srk.fer.hr]
Skickat:	 den 1 mars 2001 19:52
Till:	best@ths.kth.se

Hello there!

I was just wondering if you could help me out... I was told that my
roommate from the Bucharest event last spring was a participant of your
latest summer course... His name is Pablo Mendez... Would you possibly
happen to have his current e-mail address? I tried contacting him via
several of our mutual friends, but they haven't heard from him as well as
I haven't, and I would really need to contact him soon...

Thanks in advance... 



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