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summer holidays

    Hello friends. How are you? still enjoying the summer holidays?
    Come on! tell us something about your summer! Have you been in some courses? lazing in the beach? studying in the city? (I hope no) or what the hell have you done?
    My holidays were very simple, I was in Madrid SC, in a summer camp, in the Pirinees with friends, and in the beach (Málaga). Now I am in Madrid waiting for Zita (she will come soon). By the way, I've just seen Allan today. What a surprise!, hey man you should stay here if you like Madrid so much.
    I hope the rest of you are having a good summer and not boiling as I am right now.
    Now, in BEST Madrid we are preparing the PM that will take place in Madrid (actually Toledo) in November, so I will see Anna Karin again (if you are still the president).
    See you (someday, somewhere).