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hi from Mia - I am now in Malaysia


Hi everyone!!!

How are you are you . Are you busy taking courses at uni, or have you already started working.

I am having a hard time writing my bachelor project here in Malaysia, where things are not working quite the same way as what I am used to back in Denmark. Those of you whish I did not think knew how to keep at time schedule I tell you compared to this place you are very very precise.

We are investigating the distribution of arsenic in an ex-tin-mining pool 700 meters from the city center of Kuala Lumpur. We have now managed to get 40 fish-samples and 25 water samples. The water samples are being analysed on an commercial lab since the equipment that we were going to use was not functioning as it should. That is good since it saves us a lot of time and boring lab-work, but we are a little worried since we do not know how accurate the results will be and will have a hard time keeping track of the uncertainties.

The trip to Kuala Lumpur started at 3 o’clock in the morning since our supervisor is a very busy man, but also in other ways it was a strange trip. For example our Muslim supervisor proposed that we would share a hotel room, even when the university is very strict about the separation of boys and girls. Any way I think that this is girls talk. You boys are probably already tired of it, which is why I will not write any more about it in this mail. Anyway girls you are welcome to ask.


Raquel, Marianna and Andrea I am very sorry that we never got to go on the trip to Sweden this summer that we planed back in the good old days on GUSTAV AV KLINT. I still miss you some times and I wish that we would keep in contact since I like you very much.


I sent you all my love from the warm and sunny Malaysia


Mia Jahn

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