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Dracula revives

Hello dear friends !It’s been a while since I didn’t
heard something from you .
I hope you are all fine and I want to congratulate you
first for the holidays that are about to come.
	I want to tell you that something will appear in “fun
domain” :The Dracula Park. Now is only a project ,as I
understand from tourism minister last night on TV, the
first 800 topographical points were set-but that will
be all for this winter .The construction will start
next March and the first part opened for public will
be done after 9 months .The Park is on Sighishoara
City which is UNESCO ‘s patrimony because is the last
inhabited German citadel .Until now ,here was Medieval
Art Festival (every autumn) which was great and I hope
it will not be canceled for the future -because for my
great shame I didn’t visit it.
	Very few details were exposed abut the Park :a castle
,a XVth century village …

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