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heimdal and krb4 support


 I have some questions about krb4 support. I'm using heimdal-0.0s 
and kth-krb4-0.9.8. I have compiled heimdal vith krb4 support.

1) How to convert V4 database to V5? I guess it can be done via
   propagation V4 databaze to V5 slave (hprop command?). Is there
   any other way? Does kadmin load command support V4 format?
   Or any standalone convert program?

2) I can get V4 ticket with V4 kinit but how to create V4 srvtab files? 
   I need them to support old V4 clients (telnet,rsh,rlogin,...). 
   ktutil can convert srvtab to keytab, but I need opposite direction. 
   Old V4 ksrvutil does not work with V5 kadmind/kdc and there is not
   any kadmind4 (like in MIT version).

Thanks in advance for any response.

                                     Mirek Ruda

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