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Re: Error in Heimdal 0.t with krb4 (fwd)

> > The function krb_put_int is called in the
> > heimdal-0.0t/appl/telnet/libtelnet/kerberos.c with 4 parameters
> > instead is defined with only 3 in the krb4/include/krb-prot.h
> That is because you are compiling against the `wrong' version of krb4.
> Newer Heimdal expects one of the alpha snapshots. If you don't like
> that you can, for now, just remove the last parameter in the calls.
> Will be fixed later on.
> /Johan
In the first time I removed the last parameter , after your answear 
i get the shapshots but unfortunatly the result is the same 
CORE DUMP , I thin is the ecgs now i try a old good strong gcc 2.7.2.x
i hope the result will be different 

(obviusly under linux 2.1.121 , under AIX 4.2 / 4.3 no problem for now )

thank a lot .. 

bye manfred