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dump/load bug (again)

There _must_ be a bug in dump/load of databases. This is
what i did, in this order (on a linux-box this time):

- created a realm with just the default principals and myself
- kadmin -l dump /tmp/kdc.dump
- edited kdc.dump: created and deleted an empty line, just to
  change the dates on the file.
- stopped the kdc
- kadmin -l load /tmp/kdc.dump
- started the kdc

- failed to kinit myself! The kdc log reports the same message
  as I reported last time; failed to decrypt PA_ENC data.

Assar said that he was unable to reproduce my bug. Can you (Assar)
say if there is anything in the above which should not work, i.e
if I am making a stupid misstake, perhaps in the order of things...

	Cheers Leif