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Re: ipv6 patch

Jun-ichiro itojun Hagino <itojun@kame.net> writes:
> 	Hello, sorry that I did not sent this before 0.0u...

I think it's actually my fault.  Thanks for reminding me.

> 	The attached patches will make the following two changes:
> 	- "configure" identifies IPv6 stack type by header files, link
> 	  appropriate library files.

I have applied the patch, but it seems non-optimal to have a list of
all known implementations.  Is there any better way of doing this?

> 	- bind AF_INET6 socket and AF_INET socket, for IPv6 implementations
> 	  without IPv6 "mapped addr".

Applied.  How common is it not to have "mapped addr"?  I thought it
was a required feature?