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krb4 -> heimdal migration

I am trying to migrate principals from our Kerberos4 database to Heimdal
(version 0.1c).  I have used hprop/hpropd to extract and inject them
into the new database without problems.

When I attempt to kinit using a migrated principal I get 'kinit:
Password incorrect' (details below).

However, if I use 'kadmin -l' and change the password associated with
the principal kinit is successful.

Any pointers/advice would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks,


The debugger reveals the source of the error message as follows:

Starting program: /usr/heimdal/bin/kinit 
md@DOC.IC.AC.UK's Password: 

Breakpoint 1, verify_checksum (context=0x8094d70, crypto=0x0, usage=0, 
    data=0x8096e78, len=256, C=0xbfffad24) at crypto.c:1236
1236            ret = KRB5KRB_AP_ERR_BAD_INTEGRITY;
(gdb) where
#0  verify_checksum (context=0x8094d70, crypto=0x0, usage=0,
    len=256, C=0xbfffad24) at crypto.c:1236
#1  0x804f54c in decrypt_internal (context=0x8094d70, crypto=0x8096e50, 
    data=0x80970d0, len=256, result=0xbfffad98) at crypto.c:1774
#2  0x804f729 in krb5_decrypt (context=0x8094d70, crypto=0x8096e50,
    data=0x80970d0, len=256, result=0xbfffad98) at crypto.c:1836
#3  0x804f75e in krb5_decrypt_EncryptedData (context=0x8094d70, 
    crypto=0x8096e50, usage=3, e=0xbfffcedc, result=0xbfffad98)
    at crypto.c:1846
#4  0x8052238 in decrypt_tkt (context=0x8094d70, key=0x8096cf8, usage=3, 
    decrypt_arg=0x0, dec_rep=0xbfffce9c) at get_in_tkt.c:95
#5  0x805248e in _krb5_extract_ticket (context=0x8094d70,
    creds=0xbffff0f0, key=0x8096cf8, keyseed=0xbfffd020, 
    key_usage=KRB5_KU_AS_REP_ENC_PART, addrs=0x0, nonce=487811712, 
    allow_server_mismatch=0, decrypt_proc=0x8052200 <decrypt_tkt>, 
    decryptarg=0x0) at get_in_tkt.c:196
#6  0x8053374 in krb5_get_in_cred (context=0x8094d70, options=0,
    etypes=0x0, ptypes=0x0, preauth=0x0, 
    key_proc=0x805d508 <krb5_password_key_proc>, keyseed=0xbfffd020, 
    decrypt_proc=0, decryptarg=0x0, creds=0xbffff0f0,
    at get_in_tkt.c:655
#7  0x8054061 in krb5_get_init_creds_password (context=0x8094d70, 
    creds=0xbffff798, client=0x0, password=0xbfffd020 "mad809F", 
    prompter=0x8057a1c <krb5_prompter_posix>, data=0x0, start_time=0, 
    in_tkt_service=0x0, options=0xbffff768) at init_creds_pw.c:428
#8  0x804a692 in main (argc=0, argv=0xbffff810) at kinit.c:323
(gdb) p c.checksum.length
$1 = 16
(gdb) p C->checksum.length
$2 = 16
(gdb) p memcmp(c.checksum.data, C->checksum.data, c.checksum.length)
$3 = 1
(gdb) p c.checksum.data
$5 = (void *) 0x8097288
(gdb) p C->checksum.data
$6 = (void *) 0x8097270