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Re: What is needed to run Arla under FreeBSD 3.1?

[ I think we should move this discussion to heimdal-discuss ]

"Brandon S. Allbery KF8NH" <allbery@kf8nh.apk.net> writes:
> You have to build krb524d and krb524init with MIT Krb5.  Note that krb524d is
> rather delicate (as of 1.0.5); it falls over whenever the KDC is locked for
> an update, so you pretty much have to run it from a shell script that
> respawns it automatically.  Once you have this converted v4 ticket you can
> use aklog to stuff it into the kernel.
> The AFS-KRB5 patches make this semi-automatic based on entries in
> /etc/krb5.conf.
> That said, it's ugly.  Then again, the equivalent "semi-automated" code
> doean't appear to have made it into heimdal yet...

Now I'm not sure exactly what `semi-automated' you're referring to
here.  The kdc does the 524 conversion and there's code (in libkafs,
and called from kauth and afslog) for using that to acquire v4 tickets
and stuffing them into AFS/arla.  I'm using that to get AFS tokens
talking to my heimdal KDC.