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Re: heimdal 0.1d

Ake Sandgren <ake@cs.umu.se> writes:

> I have now got a working set of patches and code (partly from Doug
> Engert) that will enable heimdal to check out DCE/DFS credentials.

I have started looking at the other patches you sent me, I guess these
aren't radically different?

> How soon are you planning 0.1e?

The general answer is `dunno'. :-) There is nothing preventing us from
making a 0.1f, anyway.

> Do I have time to clean them out properly? (The ifdefs are not
> configurable yet :-)

Take your time. I'll try to integrate the cache, and keytab reading
stuff that you sent me (it'll be slightly different though).

> It only works with telnetd so far but rshd and ftpd should be quite
> straightforward.

This suggests that applications will have to change too? Ugh. I wish
that the DCE people could just throw away their code, and get
something modern.