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Re: Problems running krb5 telnet

Jonas Oberg <jonas@coyote.org> writes:
> I just compiled heimdal 0.1d so that I'd be able to some krb5 aware
> hosts.  kinit and klist works flawlessly, though the telnet client
> is giving me trouble.
> jonas@poledra:~> telnet -ax host
> Encryption is verbose
> Trying some.ip...
> Connected to host.
> Escape character is '^]'.
> [ Trying mutual KERBEROS5 ... ]
> zsh: abort      telnet -ax host
> This is on a Debian GNU machine with a Linux 2.2.3 kernel and glibc 2.1.1.
> Any help would be appreciated. A strace of the process doesn't give me much.
> It seems to read my ticket file (twice) and then sends a SIBABRT to itself.

Can you run gdb on telnet and the core-dump or run telnet in gdb when
getting it to abort?