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Re: rsh fallback to rlogin?

Magnus Holmberg <mho@era-a.ericsson.se> writes:
> In message <5ln1ze4gco.fsf@assaris.sics.se>, Assar Westerlund writes:
> >Does anybody really care any longer about the traditional
> >functionality of rsh falling back to calling rlogin when given no
> >command?  Otherwise, it's not going to get implemented in heimdal rsh.
> I think yes. It seems like most people never calls rlogin directly, just
> 'rsh host'.

Why does that have to be done in the rsh program?  What about a shell

rsh() {
  if test $# -eq 1; then
    rlogin $*
    command rsh $*

And there is also the question as to why you would want to run rlogin.