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Arla and Heimdal?


I was interested if there was a free implementation of AFS, so I wrote
a message in comp.protocols.kerberos. Somebody suggested Arla is just
this, so I did a web search for Arla, and found free source code for a
free implementation of AFS (I can't remember off hand if this was both
server and client, I assume so). The URL is:

I was wondering if there are any long-term plans to upgrade this from
Kerberos4kth to Kerberos 5? How different is the kerberos 5 API to
the kerberos 4 API?

Seeing as the domain name contain "kth.se", it is my guess that both
projects have been carried out by the same organisation(?) so it looks
hopeful... However, I may be mistaken.

If I get no response here, I will try and mail the arla mailing lists.
(Right now I am downloading the mailing list archives).

Brian May <bam@snoopy.apana.org.au>

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