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Re: Debian /bin/login and heimdal kerberos

Brian May <bam@snoopy.apana.org.au> writes:

> Hang on - yes '-f' is defined to take an argument.

In BSD (and most unices I've seen that support -f) login -f is a flag
that says that the user is pre-authenticated and doesn't have to give
their password. The username is not an argument to -f.

> You mean background processes? 

For instance.

> Individual user or individual system administrator?

Well any of these.

I just added support for running a program just before a user logs in,
and just after he logs out. With this you can check you mail when you
login, and destroy your tickets when you log out. The code still
requires some work, but I might add it before 0.1h. Cache filenames
should also be handled in a configurable way.