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Re: FTP on ULTRIX and encyrypted (error?) messages

ftp still doesn't work reliably on Ultrix, and I can't explain why. Running
single step through gdb eliminates the problem, but more often then
not, gets stuck even earlier.

Anyway, in case it rings a bell with anybody, I will say what happens:

1. Client sends request (eg dir) to remote server, as normal.
2. Remote server processes it and sends result. A few packets
appear on the network, but not much.
3. Client receives nothing, but continues to wait.
4. User Pushes Ctrl+C to abort the transfer. Client gets a flood a packets
from the server (ie the data eventually gets sent but it is too late)
and one of the following responses:

a) clear "encryption":
receive aborted
waiting for remote to finish abort
S:226 Transfer complete.
S:225 ABOR command successful.
ftp> S:221 Goodbye.

b) private "encryption":
receive aborted
waiting for remote to finish abort

(shouldn't that data be decrypted before it is displayed???)

Problem is intermittent, and is most obvious on slow connections.

Now, this *is* weird (might be related to the above message not being

ftp> dir
ftp> debug
Debugging on (debug=1).
ftp> dir
---> EPRT |1||1438|
S:631 YEsGCSqGSIb3EgECAgIBAAD/////aAN5wiMgeE/fubjr43I780MCwU9MQz44MjAwIEVQUlQgY29tbWFuZCBzdWNjZXNzZnVsLg0KAgI=
ftp> dir
---> EPRT |1||1439|
ftp> nlist
---> EPRT |1||1440|
ftp> prot clear
---> PROT C
S:631 YEsGCSqGSIb3EgECAgIBAAD/////dyAu14RmDB6qdhPqINHzB7UH2iaz6lJYMjAwIERhdGEgcHJvdGVjdGlvbiBpcyBjbGVhci4NCgE=
Failed to set protection level.
ftp> status
Connected to silas-2.cc.monash.edu.au.
No proxy connection.
Using GSSAPI for authentication.
Using safe command channel.
Using private data channel.
Protection buffer size: 1048576.
Mode: stream; Type: binary; Form: non-print; Structure: file
Verbose: on; Bell: off; Prompting: on; Globbing: on
Store unique: off; Receive unique: off
Case: off; CR stripping: on
Ntrans: off
Nmap: off
Hash mark printing: off; Use of PORT cmds: on

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