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Re: Interoperability and SSH

On Thu, Nov 04, 1999 at 09:26:23PM +0200, Mark Murray wrote:
> I am having some luck with interoperating Heimdal's Kerberos
> with MIT's :-)
> I an mnow trying to get SSH to compile against Heimdal instead
> of MIT Kerberos.
> I am bumping my head aginst 1) Macros with different names
> and 2) structure members with different names.
> Is anyone doing any work on this?
> M
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> Mark Murray
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Try http://www.fi.muni.cz/~kouril/heimdal/ssh-1.2.27-heimdal.patch
It supports both KRB4 and KRB5 authentication. Ticket forwarding is 
moved after authentication, forwarded ticket is stored into the standard
ticketfile by default. There are new options for disabling kerberos 
authentication, creating unique ticketfiles for forwarded ticket.