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Re: problem in client/server with heimdal

do i need to create kdc.conf file?
i have created /etc/kerb5.conf and /var/heimdal/kadmind.acl.
the kadmind.acl file contains following single entry
  admin/admin@MY.REALM  all

i have added admin/admin using /usr/heimdal/sbin/kadmin -l .
i did:  kadmin>ext *
  kadmin>dump  gives following output
default@MY.REALM 1:0:1:2f....
host/hpwux113@MY.REALM 1:0:1:5e....
admin/admin@MY.REALM 1:0:1:7c....
krbtgt/MY.REALM@MY.REALM 1:0:1:02....
changepw/kerberos@MY.REALM 1:0:1:98....
kadmin/admin@MY.REALM 1:0:1:ce....
kadmin/changepw@MY.REALM 1:0:1:c8....
admin/hpwux113@MY.REALM 1:0:1:98....
test/hpwux113@MY.REALM 1:0:1:80....
ashish/hpwux113@MY.REALM 1:0:1:1f....
when i try doing  ktutil get -p admin/admin,
  i get following error...
ktutil: kadm5_init_with_password: Bad krb5 admin server hostname

  what am i misssing?

"Ashish Deshpande" <ashish_deshpande@hotmail.com> writes:
>   can someone tell me how to run the sample client and server given
>with heimdal?

You need to run:

ktutil get -p foo/admin get test/`hostname'

to retrieve a key for the `test/hostname' principal and store than in
the keytab.  Replace `foo/admin' with your admin principal.

Then you should just be able to run:

hostname# gssapi_server

and then with tickets:

somewhere# gssapi_client hostname

where the server is running on hostname.


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