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Re: cisco enctypes trouble

On 25 Nov 1999, Assar Westerlund wrote:

> So in this case I would suggest just having a des-cbc-crc key for
> `host/my-cisco-router'.  (I know the UI for this is kind of
> suboptimal.)  If there only is a `des-cbc-crc' key, kinit should still
> get a des3-cbc-sha1 ticket for `krbtgt/REALM@REALM' but only a
> `des-cbc-crc' key for `host/my-cisco-router'.  Can you try doing that
> and see if it just works for you?


shut down kdc. dumped database to file. edited file and removed all other
enctypes than des-cbc-crc for host/my-cisco-router. load file into
database. start up kdc.

kinit gets des3-cbc-sha1. telnet gets des-cbc-crc. cisco happy. sysadmin happy.

> If you do, I might implement a better command in `kadmin'. :-)

That would be nice.


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