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I set up a Heimdal KDC 0.2d on Solaris 2.6. Allmost everything works
fine. Even kerberized NFS (Sun SEAM 1.0) authenticates against my Heimdal
KDC. ;-) Thanks for the great work!

My only Problem is the domain <-> realm mapping. As hostnames are resolved
against NIS/YP, Heimdal-Clients gets unqualified hostnames, even if the FQDN
was supplied as parameter. 

Is there a way to get Heimdal using FQDN's instead of crippled hostnames?

In my test-szenario with 5 hosts, I can do realm-mapping by making an entry
for each host in krb5.conf. But this gets impractical, if we deploy Heimdal
on all of our 400 Unix-boxes. ;)

BTW: Is there a recommended mechism to regularly change service-keys. 


 Holger van Lengerich - University of Paderborn - Dept. of Computer Science
  System-Administration - Warburger Str. 100 - D 33098 Paderborn - Germany
   mailto:gimli@uni-paderborn.de - http://www.uni-paderborn.de/admin/gimli