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Debian package


I have developed Debian packages for Heimdal. At the moment, it
is mainly for my own personal use (ie not only to get experience
at developing Debian packages, but so I can use it to).

As a Debian developer, I am considering distributing the packages via
the Debian's Non-Us/potato distribution (hope I got the notation
right...). This is the place for unstable software, where other
developers test and report bugs (to me). This will only be a low
priority project though...

Does anyone have any objections if I go ahead and do this? I can't
think of any problems myself, but thought I'd better ask first ;-)

Debian only has one objection: packages must come with a copyright
file...  I can't seem to see any in the source package :-(.

Please CC replies to me, as I do not have access to the computer where
I subscribe to the mailing list right now.
Brian May <bam@snoopy.apana.org.au>