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Re: heimdal 0.2g issues (might these be fixed in later releases?)

In message <5lln54xtfy.fsf@assaris.sics.se>, Assar Westerlund writes:
| "Brandon S. Allbery KF8NH" <allbery@kf8nh.apk.net> writes:
| > Weird.  Those tickets do elicit the error code.  Expired tickets from last 
| > night don't.  I wonder if those tickets came from the kaserver and confused
| > it somehow?
| That sounds likely.  I'm not sure what might break when using tickets
| from the kaserver - but it might.

The mixture of a KDC and 2 kaservers produced occasional weird failures.  
AFS authentication had an annoying tendency to produce "authentication 
server was passed a bad ticket" (which got much worse when it was 2 KDCs and 
1 kaserver), weird binary principals reported by the KDC were common.  I 
don't know why they don't like each others' tickets, but they don't....

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