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Re: heimdal and PAM

I have a great (IMHO ;)) PAM module. I haven't looked at heimdal
in awhile, but if it has an MIT-like interface my module will work.

I'd love to see it in the heimdal distribution if folks think it's
decent. It needs a little tweaking, I had planned for 1.1 to come out
this month, but it looks like mid-March.



> >>>>> "Fabrizio" == Fabrizio Manfredi <vipi@fastflowsrl.com> writes:
>     Fabrizio> Hi , Where can I find PAM<->heimdal module for Redhat
>     Fabrizio> (if exist ) ?  there is also a KIP for heimdal ? ( i
>     Fabrizio> watch the kip new code inserted in the krb4 in
>     Fabrizio> development stage )
> There is a PAM module within Heimdal, see lib/auth/pam.  However, it
> does not seem to be compiled by default, and the code has the
> following comment:
> /* This code is extremely ugly, and would probably be better off
>    beeing completely rewritten */
> -- 
> Brian May <bmay@csse.monash.edu.au>