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Re: Problem with kpasswd

>>>>> "A" == A V Le Blanc <LeBlanc@mcc.ac.uk> writes:

    A> I've just installed heimdal-0.2n on some Linux systems (Debian
    A> slink with 2.2.14 kernel) and got it to work with coda-5.3.5.
    A> I can create users and change passwords with kadmin-l, but,
    A> though kpasswdd is running, kpasswd fails:

    A> kpasswd zlsiial
    A>      zlsiial@man.ac.uk's Password: New password: Verifying
    A> password - New password: kpasswd: krb5_change_password: Unknown
    A> error 4294967294

Looks like a buggy error message to me.

Try running strace on both the client and server - that might give
some indication as to what is going wrong.
Brian May <bmay@csse.monash.edu.au>