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Documentation about how to install and configure heimdal

Hallow everybody

I am busy with installation and configuration of heimdal on Redhat6.1.i386
but it is still not clear for me how te configure different  configuration
files and how to make kdc database and insert different services on it. I
have read the "kerberos V5 installation guide and administration guide" but
there are so many files and names which are not included in heimdal or maybe
have another names( e.g. kadm5.keytab or kdc.conf ), therefore it is very
difficult to find your way during installation. I have also read the
heimdal.info file but I have to say that it is not enough for administrator
to be able to configure their realms. I'd like to know whether another
installation guide exists for heimdal or not. If there is one, kan somebody
mail it to me. 

By the way, I uses the heimdal-0.2q.tar.gz. 

already thanks