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Re: realloc() patch works

"Brandon S. Allbery" <allbery+@ece.cmu.edu> writes:
> At least mine does; yours looked substantially similar, so it should
> work.  I'm continuing to run my Purify'd build on one of our slave
> KDCs and collecting the information from kdc and iprop-slave (which
> was noticeably unstable in 0.2f).

Good.  An aside, iprop/ipropd is not really up to the same level of
stability as the rest, mostly because they have not been exercised
enough.  Hopefully I will get some time to beat on them, and then some
volunteers to actually use it and see how it behaves.

> There are several "uninitialized memory read" errors reported by both
> so far.  I'm going to continue collecting data this evening and then
> submit the Purify logs tomorrow.

Some of these are benign and some are out of our control, like from
libc or somesuch, but it's always useful to have the reports anyway.