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Re: Improvements and bug fixes

Daniel Kouril <kouril@ics.muni.cz> writes:

> - gssapi-delegation.patch adds token delegation to Heimdal implementation of
>     gss-api. It needs rd_cred.patch. 
> - ftp-delegation.patch This patch enables using of delegated tokens in ftp. 

> - There are some problems with ticket forwarding to/from MIT apps, and
>     to/from GSS apps. This patch tries to fix them. rd_cred.patch. 

We'll look at these.

> - login-otp.patch enables OTP authentication in login. 

Looks ok.

> - equiv.patch supports of multihomed machines 

I think this should be handled by the client. The forwarding
application should allow the client to find out the addresses of the
target host.

> - hprop.patch enhances db propagation options. 

Why do you want to have a host in different realms?

> - 524.patch (a bug fix in kdc)


> - verify.patch (a small fix in lib/auth/afskauthlib)

> - rsh.patch


> - win2k.patch (cooperation with MS Win2k)

Half of this looks ok.