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Re: multiple krb5 salted des keys

Derrick J Brashear <shadow@dementia.org> writes:


I think I have fixed this now, but I did get_des_key differently.
Instead of using options for this, it always tries to get all
variants, and returns the best match. For the v4 case this means that
it will return a v4 salted key if possible otherwise an afs3 salted
and else any other (des) key. The kaserver case is the other way
around. Is it important to not return a key with the `wrong' salt? The
difference is only in the error message printed by kinit, but if you
have kinit that can handle v5 salts you can still use it.

> lib/hdb/hdb_local.h: prefer db.h to db_185.h. this has to do with the db3
> 		bindings, and finding we have those and then not being
> 		able to use them.

I don't know about this, the db-jungle is really hard to penetrate.