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problem with hprop/hpropd

I hope someone can help me. I am trying to get hprop and hpropd working to
transfer a v5 database between machines. I have created a hprop.keytab
file containing the kadmin/hprop key on both machines. 

When I run hprop the following error is produced:

hprop: hprop/tcp unknown service, using default port 754
hprop: krb5_sendauth: Server not found in Kerberos database

The slave machine produces the message:

krb5_recvauth: ASN.1 encoding ended unexpectedly

which I assume is just a side-effect of the former.

The lack of documentation for heimdal is really getting in the way of
understanding what is going wrong and what I should do to set it up. Is
there any hope that this is going to be remedied in the not too distant
future? The man pages haven't been touched for years and the heimdal.info
file is totally inadequate. I am having to do most of it by intelligent
guesswork and trial and error.

Thanks in advance.

Graeme Wood                                 Email: Graeme.Wood@ucs.ed.ac.uk
Unix Systems Support                        Phone: +44 131 650 5003
The University of Edinburgh                 Fax:   +44 131 650 6552