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Re: another db3 support issue

Derrick J Brashear <shadow@dementia.org> writes:
> roken/xdbm.h does:
> #ifndef NDBM
> ...
> #define dbm_firstkey(db) firstkey()
> etc
> db.h from db3 does not define NDBM but does provide a macro for the
> dbm_mumble funtions
> either:
> #if !defined(NDBM) && !defined(dbm_firstkey)
> or something keying off DB_VERSION_MAJOR not being 3 is presumably in
> order.

Wouldn't #if !defined(NDBM) && !defined(HAVE_DB_H) be ok here?  We
should only use these macros for those rare circumstances where
there's no ndbm library (like on certain really expensive