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Re: Heimdal + AFS + Win2k

>> and I _thought_ you guys only implemented DES-CBC-MD5 (which I
>> remember was also an interop problem with MIT Kerberos, so perhaps
>> that's fixed now).
>We do implement both des-cbc-crc32 and des-cbc-md5.  What was the
>particular interoparability problem that you are referring to?

Not to trash you guys ... I'm just remember that we did some limited
interoperability tests at the IETF that was in DC the time before last,
and the basic problem was that your client (at the time) only did
des-cbc-md5 and my server only did des-cbc-crc32.  It's certainly
megabozo that MIT code couldn't do md5, and that was a few years ago;
obviously things have changed since then.