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PAM module for heimdal under Linux

[ Cc to Franck Cusack and Gombas Gabor ]


I have made a patch for the Kerberos 5 PAM module written by Frank Cusack 
(you can find it on http://www.fcusack.com) to make it work with
heimdal 0.3a under Linux (Debian potato).

I had to apply the patch for named memory caches
written by Gombas Gabor to heimdal sources (you can find it on

You can find my patch on:


I am neither a kerberos, nor a pam expert, so this patch may be
completly insecure, full of bugs, or it might even burn your computer.
Use it at your own risk. 

I am off course ready to answer questions about my patch.

And while I'm at it: 

Does Gombas Gabor's patch have a chance to be included into heimdal ?

And is Frank Kusack interested in maintaining compatibility between his
PAM module and heimdal on Linux ?

Joel K.

I want to  argue that an  effective way of  promoting true computer literacy
would be to make Unix basics part of the curriculum... for everybody.
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