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Re: roken merge

Derrick J Brashear <shadow@dementia.org> writes:

> Speaking of this, the kth-krb libsl and libss are the same (both include
> ss_ functions) and kth-krb libs{s,l} do a dynamic dependancy on e.g.
> -leditline when appropriate. If I submit a patch, will you take it? ;-)

I think there was a reason for not having ss-functions in libsl, but I
don't remember why. Not having dependencies, I think, is because of
brokenness in old libtool. I has since been fixed, so we should add

> If you force people to build an ever-growing n prerequisites for
> arla, heimdal, kth-krb, they're going to get grumpy. bundling from
> the same source and optionally building if you need it is nice but
> not always easy

Yes, always building the `latest' version is much easier than figuring
out which version is installed, and which bugs it had that we need to
work around. We should try to fix this for Heimdal though.