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Re: MIT to Heimdal porting, libraries to link with?

joda@pdc.kth.se (Johan Danielsson) writes:

> Kalle Svensson <kalle@nohup.se> writes:
> > LIBS   = -lkadm5clnt -lgssrpc -lgssapi_krb5 -lkdb5 -lkrb5 -lk5crypto
> > LIBS  += -ldyn -lcom_err -lpam -ldl -lc
> It depends on what it tries to do.
> I assume that -lkadm5clnt -lgssrpc -lgssapi_krb5 can be replaced with
> only -lkadm5clnt, -lkdb5 is probably equivalent to -lhdb, but these
> libraries are totally different, does this app grovel around in the
> database by itself?
> The rest can probably be replace by -lkrb5 -ldes -lcom_err

Don't forget any combination of -lasn1, -lroken, -ldb, and -lresolv.
-lroken depends on some platforms on -ldb and -lresolv.

And one some platforms that you get a integrated heimdal with you shoul
link against -lcrypto instead of -ldes.