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Two questions about AFS + Heimdal

I'm trying to use a Heimdal server for AFS auth. but somewhere in the
setup I must be doing something wrong, as the AFS tokens get thrown away.

What I've done is:
 1) Create principal afs@REALM.
 2) Extract key with ext_keytab afs.
 3) Use bos addkey to set the AFS key. I suspect this might be where I'm
doing wrong, my AFS book says I'm supposed to use asetkey instead, which I
found in the afs-krb5 migration kit, but didn't get to compile. Maybe I
should convert the key in some way first?

Also, my AFS book tells me to create a /usr/afs/etc/krb.conf (linking it
to /etc/krb.conf), but it assumes krb4 and I'm not sure what to do about
that. I suspect this is the reason klog.krb in the AFS dist doesn't
connect to the kdc (it times out)?

To clarify, I can get ordinary kerberos tickets without problems using
Heimdal kinit, it's just AFS that doesn't work.

  Kalle Svensson