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Re: Two questions about AFS + Heimdal

Bjoern Groenvall <bg@sics.se> writes:

> Love> Leif Johansson <leifj@it.su.se> writes:
> Love> > I did it the other way around using asetkey (compiled "by hand") but
> Love> > I later found out that I could have used ktutil copy to convert between 
> Love> > the two file formats. This worked fine for me.
> Love> 
> Love> ktutil -k keytab.afs get afs@MY.REALM
> Love> ktutil copy FILE:keytab.afs AFSKEYFILE:/usr/vice/etc/KeyFile
> Does ktutil merge the old /usr/vice/etc/KeyFile with the contents of
> keytab.afs? If it doesn't, you loose. You must not remove the old key
> until all tickets corresponding to the old key has expired.

As I read the code (and remeber it from when I wrote keytab_keyfile.c): 
If you have a existing KeyFile file it will add the new key at the end en
increase the length field in the KeyFile.