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Re: Problem with ftp from 0.3c to 0.3b

>>>>> "Peter" == Peter Ehlin <pelin@voxi.se> writes:

    Peter> Hi I got this strange error when I used ftp from a client
    Peter> (using heimdal-0.3c) to a server (using heimdal-0.3b).

    Peter> Could someone explain this?

    Peter> I pressed ^D on the "ftp>" prompt.

I think there are two problems here.

1. No newline printed after the prompt. Yes, silly as it might seem,
there is actually a Debian bug report on this matter - see
http://bugs.debian.org/64289, as it breaks efs (emacs).
(also a related? bug report was http://bugs.debian.org/69301).

2. for some reason, your client cannot decrypt/decode the status
message from the server, hence is displaying the raw coded

I have reproduced 2 by pushing Ctrl+C to interrupt a transfer.
Apparently, signal handling needs to be rewritten in ftp and/or ftpd.
(in version 0.2* at least).

Did you push Ctrl+C? I doubt it, but just in case...

Does it still crash if you exit by typing "bye"?
Brian May <bmay@csse.monash.edu.au>