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Authentication troubles between NetBSD kerberosIV and Heimdal


I am experimenting with the  heimdal version that has been intebgrated
into NetBSD 1.5 Alpha, and so far am very pleased with the results.
The one thing I have not gotten to work is getting a NetBSD kerberosIV
client to successfully authenticate.  Here is what hapens, I run kinit
from the kerberosIV client, enter the login name and password, and the
response is password incorrect.  If I use kinit from another client
running NetBSD-1.5 A authentication is successful, and a ticket is
issued as I would expect.  When I look at the kdc.log file on the kdc
host, I see:
2000-10-04T16:31:31 AS-REQ lburns.@SASQUATCH.COM from
IPv4: for k
2000-10-04T16:31:31 Lookup lburns@SASQUATCH.COM succeeded
2000-10-04T16:31:31 Lookup krbtgt/SASQUATCH.COM@SASQUATCH.COM
2000-10-04T16:31:31 sending 156 bytes to IPv4:

I am quite certain I have something configured incorrectly, but am
missing what it might be.  Thanks for suggestions.