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Re: LDAP+Kerberos

On Fri, Nov 17, 2000 at 09:58:11AM +0100, Roger Martensson wrote:
> Hi!
> First I'd like to apologize that my question isn't about heimdal
> 100%.
> What I'd like to do is to connect my Solaris 8(and 7 if possible)
> to a LDAP server like Active Directory.
> Where my athentication mechanism is Kerberos 5.
> Now my questions:
> Is there a Solaris 7 PAM for LDAP account management and
> Kerberos 5 Authentication?`

There is a stock PAM_LDAP and NSS_LDAP for Solaris 2.6 and up.

There is also PADL's PAM_LDAP and NSS_LDAP. See http://www.padl.com/

> Where the .... can I find information about adding them to
> my Active Directory server? (It supports LDAP, I have added
> the NIS(Some RFC) but still cant add my Solaris 8 computer.)

Information is harder to come by than software. :/

I believe Sun's and PADL's modules do not use the same LDAP schema as
MS's ActiveDirectory. But I hear they can still co-exist in the same
LDAP namespace. So, go figure. Others here and elsewhere know much more
about this topic than I do...

Also, you won't care to use PAM_LDAP, I don't think. You'll want
PAM_KRB5 instead...

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