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Debian patches


I have redesigned the build process for the Debian
version of Heimdal.

Now the build process applies a number of patches in order, rather
then have all patches merged into the one huge and ugly mess.

You can find my latest patches at:


or in the Debian source.

Currently, I think 011_sharedlibs is of the most interest, it includes
code to make Heimdal build with installed versions of libreadline,
libss, and libcom_err (although I have disabled these last two until I
can get it to compile). I have fixed a number of silly bugs which I
found in the last version I posted here.

There probably is no need to look at 030_autotools, this is just the
code that is automatically generated by automake, autoconf, etc.
Brian May <bam@snoopy.apana.org.au>